The Maldonado-Aldana Global Family House Project
(MGC – Maldonado Global Connection)
Is one of the Legacy Projects of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

After 9 years of practice of meditation dedicated to his own family house, http://goldentree.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info/?page_id=14 he started in 2013 to invite members of the family house Maldonado world wide.

Maldonado Family house comes originally from the House Aldana, royal family from Spain and Skandinavia. (Maldonado – Aldana)

First 162 members at a facebook page, will in 2015 turn into 1503 contacts in data base, all members of the same family house world wide

Along 2013 and 2014 members of the family house Maldonado world wide developed communication and collaboration within own private and natural space of interaction. LUIS suggested several projects and some of them are still active and under development as for:

Research on family house history
Global online family reunion
The Private Maldonado University
and others

Today Luis coordinate with members of his family house online and representatives of several family clusters world wide a project dedicated to sustainable development, life care and care of own family house.

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The Maldonado Aldana Global Connection Project