Maldonado-Aldana Global Connection

” It is time for our family to come together, in all corners of the world, to care for ourselves, as one family house ” ~ Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Maldonado Global Connection Project started in easter time 2013, inspired by a Facebook circle of members of the family Maldonado on Facebook.

3 days later, 50 new members from our family will join us, a small group of about 100 that were already online. Now we created a new Facebook page, a twitter account and we have another forum running on CS and on Lifestyle Travelers Club, our network increased on Internations, VK and LinkedIn, more than 1500 Maldonados world wide receive our news and participate in our Global Family Project.

Our first projects are to organize a world wide online family gathering. Probably with a webcast /webinar system. We are actually now coordinating a team online for this project. As well as the creation of an Online University for the members of our Global Family House. A wonderful multidisciplinary team gathered for the intention of accomplishing these goals.

I added the name of our Original Family, Aldana, as for that is one of our roots.

Maldonado-Aldana Global Connection

Is a place where members of the family Maldonado Aldana world wide are welcome to come together, communicate, collaborate, share, exchange, know each other for friendship, travel or business.

The idea of this site is to empower communication and collaboration within the family house maldonado and their allies (other family houses connected by blood or friendship), as well as the sustainability of our Family House and life care of our members. Paying in this way respect to our elders and their true origins.

The modern times globalized culture brought us to different corners of the world, and family nods now host our family history all around the globe.

It is in this time necessary that we care for each other as one family house, collaborating and empowering our youngsters, and the development of our family projects, business and life with a vision of sustainable development.

The function of this FB, CS, LST, IN, LinkedIn,VK and twitter pages is to bring us together, in a new space, where all family houses under the tree of Hernan de Aldana, the first Maldonado, can come together, in order to re-create our family history in the 21 Century.

You are welcome to join us.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

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The Maldonado Aldana Global Connection Project